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Like any other serious organization, information regarding our esteemed clients is important for optimum service delivery to the customers. FullModern accords maximum security to your personal data. We treat every detail about you as confidential and use it only as a resource in making our important management and operational decisions. With the relevant customer information we can be certain to provide you with better service at all times.
There are various ways and levels of information we gather about our customers. In the event that you communicate with us; either through mail or telephone, we will request you to kindly identify yourself. Making online enquries which are likely meant for subsequent business deals also require that you first fill out a form provided in our online portfolio. All these pieces of information once provided by a client will not be erased by our system. Rather, they are kept and protected effectively from any unauthorized access.
At another level, when you browse through our website, our engines are able to detect the parts of the web platform that you visit. No personal information such as names, dates of birth, gender or age are recorded. We are able to tell the type of computer as well as operating system you are using though.
This way we are able to study traffic patterns and establish the parts of our website that are most likely containing the most popular information along with the amount of time the clients spend on these sections. With that information we implement improvements on our site with informed knowledge.

Why Register Your Information with Us 

We need information about you to help us in offering you greater services and to provide you with convenient access to our service base. As a registered customer we are able to seek your feedback while keeping you updated with the latest product adjustments and directly give you special offers depending on your specifications.

We retain your information for posterity. This will particularly save you time when you make subsequent correspondence with us. It is a procedure that has been simplified for you. Simply fill out a short profile with your details including name, phone number, and email address. You will then be assigned a password of your choice. Our web engines will store this set of information to avoid re-logging every time you wish to use the platform in case you so directs. You can still log out of the system and subsequently fill in your email address and password whenever you wish to contact us to order something.


Guarding Your Personal Information

This involves the use of industry-standard Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption on all the web sites that require your personal data, which determines that you must use an SSL-enabled browser when making purchases from us. This precaution ensures confidentiality of your personal and credit card data during the internet transmission. We also advise our customers to be cautious with the personal data they provide online.