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Ideas for Small Space Living

For generations people in both Developed and the Developing ‘World’ have believed in the assumption that bigger is better. Majority of the people would therefore strive for the largest possible rooms and apartments as soon as they can afford it. Despite the fact that this is still the case among many people, a large number of them are becoming more conscious of the beauty of the smaller suburban spaces.

It is common to find a person with a huge residence still opting to maintain some cottage in certain isolated suburbs where they spend peaceful evenings or memorable holidays drawing in the ambience of such surroundings.     Read More...



Modern Interior Design; Trends for 2016

As the saying goes; change is here to stay. It is the one thing that does not change. Just like technology that keeps evolving with every day that passes, the interior design industry will always have something new.

Some of these new trends are not basically original. They have merely undergone a few alterations in style that consequently arrive at a design that appears completely out of the ordinary. Read More...




Encounter with the Designer

Just as in any initial encounter everywhere in life, the first meeting with an interior designer is patterned with a lot of anxiety. Expectations are very high down this path. You build virtual images of what the designer’s work will look like; the change they will bring and the beauty they are likely to create at your place.

This is human. The same might as well go for the expected designer; they are people too, remember. Of even more significance is that aspect of humanness. They are not supposed to be perfect. As such, any help you  Read More...