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Adriano Balutto

adriano balutto domitaliaStudio Balutto Associati is considered to be a design, architecture and industrial design studio with Adriano Balutto as its director and founder. The designer has for some years now been aided by his daughter, architect Veronica Balutto who has delivered valuable imaginative and ground-breaking contribution together with a few other coworkers. The studio performs a range of activities such as architectural design, exhibition design, interior design, exhibitions, planning and design of showrooms fair booths, component design ranging from complementary furniture planning and design to incorporated office projects.

There have been a large number of projects due to the experience obtained from critical analysis and research throughout the world and have led to the phenomenal success of its products with others describing them as the market "best sellers". The aggressive nature of the company is shown through the esteemed position it holds in the market as being able to satisfy the clients’ needs whether it’s a single item to a large collection of furniture. It is also seen to be constantly searching for new innovative ways of designing items and using advanced technology to meet the needs of the client base.

Studio Balutto has been awarded numerous times internationally for their brilliant designs and not to mention admirable working ethics.


Alessandro Moretti

Alessandro MorettiAlessandro Moretti is an Interior Architecture graduate from the European Design Institute, Milan. Moretti works together with other architectural and interior design firms or as a consultant and at times alone. His work personifies wide-ranging proficient abilities by showing varied skills and specialisms.

Contemporary designs that are ground-breaking with personalization and usability are the idea behind the designs. The works have been displayed in national and international media and sold in lighting and Italian furniture firms.


Alberto Werner Arter

Alberto Werner ArterAlberto Werner Arter is a graduate from the Venice University specifically in Institute of Architecture in 1969. He has cooperated with the Laboratory of Arts and Costumes of Palazzo Grassi in Venice in order to advance his studies in relation to architecture and photography. He later on worked as a professional architect and designer in Geneva and Venice. He assisted in several projects, including the office buildings and underground parking of Dupont-Nemour on the Geneva Lake. In 1971 he was nominated at a competition of the Federal Government for project responsibilities.

In 1975 he established in Venice ARTERCOM as team work which is based on the connection between design and dispersal. At round this time Alberto worked as a consultant and art-director of Department Store Companies.

In addition, he came up with Studio Arter & Citton with Fabrizio Citton in 1990 to promote the development of the Laboratory D.MOD for Design and Contemporary Art.


Area 44

area 44The Designers Gian Luca Tonelli and Davide Carlesi are Italians born in the 1970s and separated as they followed other passions in life. Their career in industrial design started in the 1990s through partaking in workshops and exhibitions with large companies with a high success rate in design.

These early works gained high popularity in Italy and internationally as well with reviews in crucial journals in the respective fields. Snaidero, Midj, Andrea Fontebasso, DOMITALIA, Dinova and Assouline are among the many companies which have collaborated with these designers in to create elegant pieces. The name ‘AREA44’ is the result of a shared desire to produce detailed and passionate designs that reflect the idea that everyone wants to be viewed as significant.



Diego Marocco

Diego MaroccoDiego Marocco is a man who acquired his interest in design through hard work and has a passion for creativity. He is currently trying to improve his skills in furniture design and has been found couple of times creating seasonal items such as seating elements.


Fabio Di Bartolomei

Fabio Di BartolomeiFabio Di Bartolomei is an Italian citizen and was born in Udine, Italy. In 1979 he started his studio and later on expanded to Warsaw, Australia and New York through collaboration with other stalk holders. He is specialized in interior design, industrial and construction design, and exhibition set-ups.

The main themes of Di Bartolomei's creative beliefs, to which he gives great significance, are the day-to-day wishes of each man with respect to his habitat. According to this ideology, the designer begins to do his research for the right steadiness between functionality and image. He believes that any project given should be illustrating the main purpose of a designer's expression which is to theorize and then generate items for living. It is very important to carry out research in materials so that every project meets the purpose intended which is to be able to become part of formal and functional everyday living. Fabio has so far been able to design for some of the most central Italian and international corporations dealing in fields that vary from fixtures, houses, computer electronics, etc.

A large number of his works have been designated and exhibited in museums all over the world such as " in the exhibition of "Mutant materials in contemporary design", The Museum of Modern Art" (MOMA) in New York and in "The Cornig Museum of Glass", Cornig-New York. In 1996 he was bestowed upon the prize "Marcello D'Olivo" for design; in 1997 and 1999 he acquired the prize "Top Ten" at the International Chair Exhibition in Udine and again in 2007 for the lead project "LASER" planned for IMS. In the same year, he earned the International "Interior Innovation Award - Cologne 2007" which is held in Cologne (Germany) and he established a proposal to the "Design Award of the Federal Republic of Germany 2008", the prestigious award allocated by the German Federal Ministry of Economy and Technology, which is the most significant prize in Germany and hence referred to as "Award of awards".

He has been known to have worked on numerous cultural plans and the following are praiseworthy of distinct remark: in 1999 he came up with the Siderale clock, called "Star Game”, where the rolling of time replicates a philosophy of life that is an extra human and natural. This masterpiece is displayed in Udine, in Prague, Italy in the Giovanni da Udine theatre and Czech Republic in the astronomic observatory. In 2001 he cooperated with the setting up of the display dedicated to the poet Rainer Maria Rilke in the National Library in Prague, Czech Republic. In 2002 his works were placed into "The Museum of Modern Art Design Encyclopedia" published by the Museum Of Modern Art in New York. Furthermore since 2006, he has worked as a columnist for the magazine "Realt Industriale", the official publication by Association of Industrialists in the province of Udine and is currently lecturer of Design at the Faculty of Architecture in Trieste.



Fabrizio Batoni

Fabrizio BatoniFabrizio Batoni is a graduate of architecture from the University of Florence. He established Studio Batoni at Colle di Val d'Elsa in 1997 after gaining experience of many years in the world of industrial design and architecture. Fabrizio has worked with other designers and companies over the years to come up with different designs and architectural assignments in both personal and commercial industry.

The motto of Studio Batoni: to "always keep on going, to be always tuned in to be able to understand and identify the ideas and needs of those around us."



Fabrizio Citton

Fabrizio CittonFabrizio Citton graduated with a degree in architecture from the University of Venice in 1990.Apart from architecture he enjoys interior and graphic design. He came up with Studio Arter & Citton with Alberto Arter for architecture and design. Over the years, he has done collaborations with other designers and employed as art director in numerous institutes. A notable achievement is the establishment of the Laboratory D.MOD for Design and Contemporary Art in 1997.

In 2000 he was awarded a degree in Contemporary History at the University Cà Foscari in Venice. He is a global leader in interior design and still keeps pushing on to achieve more in his career.



Giorgio Del Piero

Giorgio Del PieroGiorgio Del Piero began his career in 1974. He has designed a large number of items and done numerous collaborations with established Italian furniture processors. He received a Certificate of Graduation at Venice Belle Art Teaching in Italy. He was selected as a Compasso d'Oro in 1998.


Orlandini & Radice

Orlandini & RadiceThe two designers are graduates from the Polytechnic University of Milan in industrial design and architecture respectively. They later on met outside and agreed upon a business venture. Andréa Radice is an out-going person with a passion for sport while Folco Orlandini is an artistic character who is cautious and intelligent. They believe in creating items with both beauty and functionality.





Per Weiss

per weissPer Weiss was born in Denmark in 1959. He is the Director of Innovation Design Office International. Per Weiss started his career as a professional musician during his study at the School of Architecture in Aarhus. As an all-rounder, he gave a bigger priority to his design visions without mistaking his music career. He worked for Danish architects for a while after which he graduated as an industrial designer in 1988.





Flemming Hoejfeldt

Flemming HoejfeldtFlemming Hoejfeldt was born in Denmark in 1950 and is the owner and CEO of Innovation. This entrepreneur is inventive and multi-skilled in nature,traits that enabled him to found the company back in 1971. Here he worked successfully as designer, engineer and production manager all at the same time.

His first design, the Delta-bag was in 2006 re-launched as the Player beanbag. He currently has specialized staff, but still keeps an eye on every step of the process at Innovation.



Ivana Borovnjak and Roberta Bratović

A team of two; Ivana Borovnjak and Roberta Bratović are both graduates of product design degree at the Faculty of Architecture, School of Design in Zagreb. While Ivana received her Master's degree in conceptual design at the Design Academy Eindhoven, Roberta was awarded her Master's degree in performance design at the Central Saint Martins College in London.

The duo have garnered much honor after their first table project for1or2 was selected by Konstantin Grcic and exhibited at Salone Satellite, Milan within the Young Balkan Designers collective in 2011.

The two Croatian born designers started working together on self initiated projects when they returned home in Croatia. These projects included product design and aesthetic communications. They also work independently in the fields of art, culture, theatre and not-for-profit organizations of Amsterdam, Zagreb and London. Some of their work includes joint production of the Revolve Sofa Bed for Prostoria alongside Numen/For Use.



This is a group of award winning Croatian-Austrian designers working in the fields of scenography, industrial and spatial design and conceptual art. This collective first came into existence as a collaborative effort of industrial designers in 1998 and has since designed items and concepts for ClassiCon, Desalto, Cappellini, Interlubke, Magis, Mdf Italia, Moroso, Zanotta and currently Prostoria.

Numen/ForUse deals in contemporary furnishings and interior as well as exterior spaces in mutual aid with architecture studios 3lhd (Croatia) and Imarea of Austria.

Their scenography work intensified as from 2004. In 2008 they turned their focus towards designing objects and models, which results in more hybrid and experimental works such as the Tape Installation, Numen-Light series and Net. They are the only contemporary Croatian product designers whose works are regularly represented in international anthologies of modern design.

The group is credited with winning the RedDot Design Award for their Revolve sofa bed is the 2012 events.




Redesign is a collaboration of two designers Neven and Sanja Kovacic. They deal in interdisciplinary design projects at different fields of design while concentrating on creation of products and innovation of new designs.

They have a record of many completed contemporary designs from a recyclable cardboard shelf system to sophisticated test and training sports equipment out of their concentration on various aspects of technology and society.

They majorly factor in ecological responsibility, rationality, multifunction and modularity in their work. Their renowned products are the Pillow and Uplift sofa beds as well as the Simetria accessories.



Sanja Knezović

Based in Prostoria, Sanja Knezović runs her own architectural studio specializing primarily in private houses and smaller commercial buildings. She practiced furniture design for interiors from where she advanced onto upholstered furniture. Her initial padded furniture design work was Kvadra’s. She has since advanced her architectural and furniture designs into a thriving business producing a wide range of household and office furniture.

She currently creates a variety of modern modular furniture, ranging from armchairs to coffee tables; sofa sets to lounge chairs; ottoman and poufs.


DVA Plus team

Dva Plus (Judita i Damir Ljutić) is a perfect blend for modern design requirements. The company builds its architectural enterprise on the principles of research, innovation and inspiration.

Dva Plus’s Prostorial designs focus on challenging and reinterpreting established norms of design and architecture. They endeavor to bring into line topical global guidelines concerning the utilization of a space, sustainable construction and aesthetics.

Their Pep’s – 01 modern bookshelf is a clear reflection of these principles. The book display unit explores the fantasy of a 3rd dimension through stability and space. As a result the outcome is perfect look for the modern generation and very suitable for those who mind a kind of design that clearly exhumes a modern touch.



GRUPA: Filip Despot, Tihana Gotovuša, Ivana Pavić

Grupa design studio was founded in Zagreb in 2006 by Filip Despot, Tihana Gotovuša and Ivana Pavić. The trio achieved their Master’s degrees in Product Design from the Zagreb School of Design in 2005. Their product design projects have received several awards and have been featured in professional magazines. The Grupa’s product design projects are playful and functional.

The Grupa design team is known for their spindly lamp stands, the pillow Pilot and the clothes hanger Figura. These self-initiated products have gone viral in the market. Another trademark of the design team is the much soughed after 3-angle armchairs and sofas made for Croatian furniture manufacturer Kvadra. Due to their excellent work with the 3angle seating series of Prostoria, Grupa has reached a new milestone in the industry.




Alp Nuhoglu

Alp Nuhoglu was born on September 13, 1965 in Trabzon. He studied Industrial Product Design at Mimar Sinan University, Faculty of Architecture. In 1988 he established DOR, a furniture design company. In the year 2000, Alp Nuhoglu joined B&T as a design director where he continues to work as a renowned designer. Alp Nuhoglu’s work is appreciated because of his creativity and uniqueness. One of his most iconic pieces is the Limit Bookshelf Divider which is composed of 36 boxes that are 36cm square. It is a shelving unit that has no limits. You can stack and place the boxes any way you want, horizontally and vertically, allowing you to create the perfect shelf or room divider.




Ruud Bos

Ruud Bos came into the design industry in 1993 without any specific design education. He began his career designing chairs for the contract market. He approaches each design from the manufacturing point of view without losing sight of the excellent design of the product. Ruud Bos made a name for himself in the design industry through his Angel Chair for Kubikoff. The Angel Chair is designed by Ruud and is a low cost chair with a high-end design. Ruud achieved another milestone in his career with this chair by making good designs more accessible to more people.





Jutta Friedrichs

Jutta Friedrichs is a well known creative designer. Jutta Friedrichs moved to Shanghai in 2005 where she co-founded the design department of a Dutch gift and retail company. Here, she was recognized for her imaginative work and received two Red Dot Design awards. Her design efforts have recently been awarded the "Elle Decoration International Design Award ". She uses sleekly manufactured surfaces which are identical to natural materials in her work.





Kubikoff Lab

Kubikoff Lab reflects expertise of Italian labor in the designing industry. After its establishment in 2004, Kubikoff Lab has never been seen back in the market. The company’s products are available at affordable prices. The brand gained its first international identity at the Milan Furniture Show in 2006 and again in 2012 with their newly released products. The most outstanding result is the optimism and euphoria of solutions, the versatility of shapes and the matching of new combinations continually being produced.





B&T Design Team

B&T Design Team, established in 2004, is a renowned name in the designing world. Innovative designs and materials are why this company has gotten so successful. B&T Design Team has adopted a policy which favors “a quality product” rather than the “best selling product”. B&T Design Team has gained a reliability factor that is a must for a buyer/seller relationship.





Sander Mulder

Sander Mulder is a renowned name in the designing world. In 1996, he entered the designing field. Designing is all about creativity and Sander Mulder is one who is known for creativity. After his graduation from the Design Academy Eindhoven in 2002, he launched his own studio. His work is a combination of strong lines, subtle details, innovative techniques and bold statements. Archetypes and their interpretation/acceptation by mankind are a never-ending source of inspiration.







After finishing an education in graphic design Gino began working as a printer. At the age of 20, Gino and his brother opened a small furniture shop called GM Living Style. It was here Gino began working on designs for chairs and sofas and went on to develop proto-types. A few years later Gino and Matthieu opened their furniture factory called Nuevo, which specialized in the production of upholstered products. Nuevo became a successful company and the 'Piaceri' model, designed by Gino, became a best seller. Gino went on to develop several new designs for upholstered products for Nuevo and has worked with designers such as Hans Kolpa.




Tanju Ozelgin

Tanju Ozelgin is a Turkish-born furniture designer who began his career at Marmara University in Istanbul. Almost ten years later Tanju was discovered by Erte Binme's Parlak Kirmizi who gave him the courage he needed to focus on industrial designs and architectural products. Tanju Ozelgin completed the interior of T House, a gorgeous multi-level residence in Bosphorus district. With objects of décor displayed in a museum-like manner, he imagined a stylish dark-toned living space, making use of local forms and materials. From 2005 to present, Tanju designs modern furniture and works as an interior designer of contemporary and modern spaces under the studio which he founded, TO Design Studio. Tanju has collaborated with B &T to create exceptional pieces such as the Spirit Chair, Durgo Sofa and Seri Table.